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Chemical Processing Plant's Corrosion Issues Solved

This chemical processing plant in Charleston, WV, was looking to replace deteriorating process vessels, tank covers, access walkways and railings that were becoming a safety hazard, and we at GEF Incorporated had the answer.

Due to its corrosion resistance, light weight and ease of installation, GEF's FRP grating, handrail and structural products were suggested as the ideal replacements. GEF Incorporated designed, built and installed two new process vessels to replace old wooden tanks, and provided new access walkways, railings, and covers for the two existing vessels.

For the access walkways, GEF provided square SAFRAIL® industrial handrail and DURADEK® I-6000 fiberglass grating. EXTREN® channels and angles were also selected to support the platforms and COMPOSOLITE® was chosen to be used both as a cover and walkway over the vessels due to its ability to fulfill the span requirements.

Fiberglass products exhibit unequaled corrosion resistance to meet the conditions found in Chemical facilities. FRP also provides savings on labor and frequent maintenance, resulting in long term savings and the elimination of cost and inconvenience of down time for repairs. Contact us for more information on these and other great fiberglass products. 


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