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Remote Pumping Station Receives a Stair/Platform System

All over the country and world people rely on their local water companies to provide them water for drinking and many other purposes. One of our local water companies here in WV., were inhancing their service by installing extra lines and some remote back-up generator systems. With all mechanical machinery there must be some preventative measures taken on a regular basis in order to keep the machinery running properly. This was the case here and with the system being remote and hard to access GEF was asked by Michel Electric Company to design a stair and platform system for the generator. This stair and platform system would allow the mechanics to easily access all sides of the generator for proper preventative maintenance and in case of failure, repairs. We got to work and quickly designed this stair/platform system that was completely built in our shop and transported completely assembled to the compressor site. We did so and the results were excellent. Using Duradek®, Extren® and Safrail® the results fit exactly what the customer was expecting and needed. 


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