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Platform and Stair System reaches Well Head at Gas Field location

It was a wet and muddy day when a maintenance guy slid down the hill at this Gas Well location. Hey, let's put some steps down this hill. OK, and how about a platform at the top so we don't trip over that hump of dirt. OK, who should we call? Call GEF Incorporated, and so they did. 

We at GEF hurried to the well site, looked the situation over, took some measurements and started designing the solution. Using Extren®, Duradek®, and Safrail® we fabricated a platform/stair system that will last for years and years. No rust, no corrosion and no rotting, that's what you get with our fiberglass products. We built this system in our shop, put it on a flatbed and delivered it to the site in three pieces.   

No problems putting it together, we sent the plans with all the fasteners, numbered the pieces of the system and the contractor slid it into place and fastened it down. Easy greasy, you can't go wrong with our fiberglass products. 

Well that guy won't slid down that hill again!



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