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A Fiberglass, Non-Conductive FENCE by GEF Inc.

A Fiberglass, Non-Conductive FENCE by GEF Inc.

When it comes to a fence that incorporates wind/weather protection, fire suppression, non-electrical conductivity and aesthetics, GEF Incorporated is the place to contact. Visit our website at

A Power station in Massachusetts needed all these requirements and so they contacted GEF. We quickly organized our Pro-team and went to work. Our specialized team came up with several options to accommodate our customer’s requirements.

The fence pictured is the option they chose to provide all the necessities at the electrical sub-station site. Because of the disturbed soil we designed a fence with a grounded steel frame covered with non-conductive fiberglass molded panels. We used Duragrate® 1.5” X 1.5” square mesh molded grating as the fence and then covered with a wind resistant fabric. This is just one of many Fiberglass non-conductive FENCE options we can design and fabricate. GEF Incorporated can design and fabricate non-conductive fencing of all sizes, from an all fiberglass fence to the incorporation of steel. Please give us a call or e-mail and we will quickly get started with options for your project.

The pictures are in order of the installation of the fence...