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Floating Leachate Pond Docks - Safety Afloat!

From Old to New - From substandard to Safety Afloat!

GEF can fabricate floating docks. This application was in a power plant pond.

Floating Leachate Pond Docks “FLPD” are designed and fabricated by GEF Incorporated.

Pictured is a 14’ wide X 15’ long FLPD with a 7” draft.

The FLPD is accessed by a 3’ wide X 24’ long clear span ramp with supporting flotation on the FLPD end.

The FLPD and ramp connection is hinged to accommodate water level variation.

Floating Leachate Pond Docks “FLPD” design parameters:
   * Continuous hanging water pump systems.
   * Four workers with tools.
   * Easy pump installation and pump service capabilities.
   * Completely corrosion resistant with indefinite serviceability in this application.
   * Many other water applications.
GEF “FLPD” Floating Leachate Pond Docks can be designed for any size pond and water pump system. Designed for shipping with a breakdown structure and easy on-site assembly.